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What Are Linear Trench Drains

Linear Trench Drains are used to evacuate a large amount of water from a surface area in a short period of time. Usually used outdoors to control flooding and excess water buildup, but sometimes used in interior applications, linear drains feature a long trench that is often placed along the entrance to a garage. They feature a grate into which water drains. The water is then carried by a trench to the intended drainage area. The effectiveness of linear drainage systems has led them to be used in parking lots, patios, airports and other hard surface areas that can build up large amounts of water after just a brief rain shower.

Linear drains are made of a number of materials, but the most commonly used materials are metal and plastic polymers. However, plastic polymer drains are subject to deterioration due to UV rays and other environmental events.

When should I use a Linear Drain?

If you are designing a patio in a region that requires a good drainage system, a linear drain has many distinct advantages over round and square drains. A patio designed around a round or square drain requires that you slope the corners of the patio inward from all directions so that the water runs into the drain opening. This requires a considerable amount of extra work and preparation and may increase the cost of construction and can also lead to the formation of cracks in the concrete due to the different sloping directions.

With a linear drain, a patio only needs to be sloped in one direction, usually away from the house or structure, which allows water to run away and into the trench of the linear drain.

Linear Trench Drains
When it comes to outdoor drainage systems, linear trench drains prove to be the most versatile and reliable drains out there.

Another excellent application for linear drains is at the bottom of a driveway that slopes toward a garage. With heavy rains, the slope of the driveway often causes water to fold the garage, creating a costly cleanup situation. Square or round surface drains are useless for this problem. Linear drains, however, can be installed at the base of the driveway in front of the garage door and are proven effective in removing water fast enough to avoid flooding.


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