4″x 4″ Drain

4" x 4" Trench Drain (320 GPM)

This is an all metal trench drain for residential and commercial use, flow rates of up to 450 gpm are obtainable, designed for concrete, asphalt, and paving stone installation, can be used in loose aggregate roads and driveways, brewery tanks can empty hot cleaning liquid (400 degrees plus) directly into drain without any break down. All kits include channel, grates, ABS outlet, end caps, connectors, position and anchor hold downs.

4x4 Drain Spec Sheet

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Garage Floor Drains

The primary types of garage floor drains are square drains and trench drains. Square drains, also sometimes round drains, can range in size from 6 inches to 1 foot around. Square drains usually use PVC pipe for residential and steel for commercial purposes.

Trench drains, also called channel drains, can be used as garage floor drains as well. A properly installed trench drain will help you make sure you have no water flooding issues in your garage, even if you park a snow-covered car in your garage.

Garage Floor Drain Installation

To prepare for a garage floor drain, it can help to have a sloped garage floor. Some choose to have a small drain in the center of the garage and slope the floor of the garage towards the center. Another option is to slope the garage down towards the driveway and have a trench drain catch any water there.

Garage Floor Drain installation is simplest if done before the concrete is poured for the garage. Once the drain is installed in the garage, then pouring the concrete can be targeted towards creating the proper slope or pitch for moisture to have a clear path to the drain.

If the concrete is already set in your garage, the garage floor most likely slopes towards the driveway. In these cases, a trench drain is the proper drain to choose because a drain at the center of your garage floor would not be effective for capturing any runoff. Installing a trench drain will also be simpler in these cases because a concrete contractor does not have to tear through a lot of concrete to access pipes.

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