4″x 2.6″ Drain

Surface Drains

4" x 2.6" Trench Drain (165 GPM)

This is a 4 inch wide sectional trench drain made from high quality galvanized steel designed for applications such as residential driveways, garages, parking lots, buildings, loading docks, and heavy duty vehicular traffic areas. Installation does not require any extra hardware, hold down straps, or installation chairs. Free Shipping in the Continental U.S when ordering 20 feet or more. Trench Drain orders leave our facility 1 to 3 days after order is received. Shipping Time: West Coast 1-2 Days, Central  US 2-3 Days, East Coast 4-5 Days. What is Included With Order: All Trench Drain kits include channel, grates, down spout, end caps, hinge pins, installation feet and instructions. Ready To Ship! All kits come in standard sizes, if you need a specific linear length please call us at 866-410-5572   For example, 17' 10", we make any size to fit your application at no additional cost.

2.5 Inch Drain

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Our Trench Drains: Simple Installation & Low Maintenance

LTEC Trench Drains are engineered for simple one-step installations. This minimizes contractor costs for installation. LTEC Drain installation is simple and easy compared with any other drain on the market. The installation of an LTEC metal drain should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. They can increase the appeal of your home and may even have a positive effect on the value of your home. LTEC metal trench drains require little to no maintenance for property owners. While other drains often require constant maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, LTEC trench drains continue to function properly for years. This is primarily attributed to the fact that the drains feature smaller openings which only allow the smallest of particles to enter the drain. Other types of drains feature larger openings which allow leaves and other types of debris to enter the drain. When this occurs, homeowners are often forced to clean the drains more often and remove clogs that have developed from the larger debris flowing through the pipe.

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