12″x 8″ Drain

Heavy Duty Trench Drain

12"x 8" Heavy Duty Commercial Trench Drain (110 GPM per Ft.)

LTEC's high volume heavy duty drain can be used for any application or facility that would require large volume capture of surface drainage. The grates are made from 1/2 inch plate steel with 1/2 inch slots, they are designed to meet DIN 19580 requirements for load class E rating which has a minimum load bearing weight of at least 135,000 pounds per foot. The channels are 14 gauge G90 Galvanized metal non-sloped modular sections. Call Us at 866-410-5572 for more information & pricing.
All Metal trench Drain
12 Inch Drain

This Heavy Duty Trench Drain Gets The Job Done!

These LTEC commercial drains are used in manufacturing plants, factories, loading docks, gas stations, parking garages, and anywhere high volume runoff has to be controlled and captured. All LTEC Drains are ADA compliant and can be installed in any and all applications where ADA requirements are mandatory. This drain is designed for extreme duty use in commercial applications where heavy hard wheel equipment can drive over it continually while doing an excellent job of runoff capture and conveyance, flow rates start at 110 GPM per foot and the grates are removable for easy cleaning.
12 inch Commercial Drain in South Lake Tahoe, California &
12 Inch Trench Drain in South Lake Tahoe & Trench Drain Pro

12x 8 Trench Drain Spec Sheet

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